1. Jaysk

    Which motion when doing Woman On Top?

    Ok, so, here's the question. Which motion do guys prefer more when their girls do woman on top? 1) Back and forth motion 2) Up and down motion Also, would someone be considered a giver if, though she's already realized the only position that makes her cum, yet, she's still taking into account...
  2. bluedemon14

    My Aunt Took Advange On Me (English Sub)

    My husband's nephew decided to stay at my house. The blood of the former Yariman is noisy and seduced by the liberal arts that is just studying! I was ignored at first, but I succeeded in getting an erection (big cock)! And while my husband is on a business trip, I set up a reverse night and...
  3. Jaysk

    What's your take on women who make the first move?

    What’s your take on women who make the first move? I do it and I get told na they like women who make the first move kasi sometimes it’s hard for them to do it in fear of rejection. My reason of doing it naman is because I know what I want and I’m not gonna get it if I’m not gonna do something...
  4. N

    PRE CUM on holding hands

    Hello po, ask ko lng sana paano mapipigilan ung pagtigas ng ari kahit sa simpleng hawak and hug lang ng gf ko. pagwi ko kase basa na brip ko HAHAHAHA
  5. bluedemon14

    I Pounced On My Voluptuous, Big Tits Stepdaughter (English Sub)

    "Three years after remarriage with him ... I was waiting for you to become a female body." My father-in-law, who I trusted in the three days when my mother left home, suddenly changed suddenly. Pickled Kimeseku using an aphrodisiac for one flower of my daughter-in-law. Sleeping assault vaginal...
  6. X L R M

    Lovin' Leana Lovings down with Oil on her Perky **** @ 1080p

    Quality 1080p Size 764 MB ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 'Wag naman Hit and Run! 🥲 Your comment is highly appreciated 😘 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ C O L L E C T I O N S Reislin Part 1 Angel Part 1 Solid Ryujin Father in Law Takahashi Debut Iori Kogawa Japanese Cutie LODIBELS LODICAKES Tsukasa Aoi...
  7. MoyMoy Pirata

    Hottest S3x On The Job

    Playgirl's Hottest: S3x On The Job File Size: 1.4 GB Hidden content Check My Other Threads: Manila Exposed 1-14 [RE-UP] https://nsfwph.com/threads/1683163/ Manila X Sin City 1 & 2 [Re-Up] https://nsfwph.com/threads/1683159/ The Sex Factor 1-10 Complete Series Episodes...
  8. tekiboyss

    Sophia Locke in On Vacation With My Stepmom

    Hidden content
  9. bluedemon14

    Revenge On That Woman Who Bullied Me When I Was A Student (English Sub)

    This arrogant, high-paying girl used to bully me when I was a student. I'll rape that woman who looks down on people other than myself and make her my bastard. Download Link (378.058 MB): https://dlupload.com/filedetail/1913079255 File Password: neversaynever Thanks! Enjoy! ;)
  10. pag-ONG