1. Jaysk

    Do you close your eyes when you kiss?

    With whomever you kiss with, fubu, lover, do you close your eyes? Why do you, and why not? Lately, I am just curious. I do not close mine most of the time. Or if I close them, it's half-closed. I am never a fan of kissing because I thought I am not good at it... So yeah, do you close your eyes...
  2. Jaysk

    What's one thing that sounds super hot and fun but not as hot when you tried it?

    What’s one thing that sounds super hot and fun but not as hot when you tried it? Sex on the floor. Matigas, malamig at madumi ang sahig. Pool sex. Similar to shower sex, the water washed away my pussy juices so hindi na madulas.
  3. bluedemon14

    My Beautiful Teacher Got Blackmailed (English Sub)

    Even though I'm dating a senior teacher who works at the same school, I've been having a lot of days when I haven't been able to get it. Every day I was worried because the guidance to the problem children in the class did not go well. One day, I was raped by the story of masturbating with a...
  4. bluedemon14

    They Will Leave You Dry After Sucking Your Soul (English Sub)

    Ichika Matsumoto and Asuka Momose, succubus school girls who extract sperm and soul. The two seduce a man with a lesbian kiss and make him erection. There is no doubt that continuous ejaculation will be done with a skillful tag technique that will not let you breathe. Shake semen and saliva with...
  5. Jaysk

    What position do you dislike the most?

    What position do you dislike the most? I'm sure there's at least one position you dislike, if not hate, or a position that made you insecure. Maybe you had an experience in the past that didn't go well when doing that position. In one of my past experiences, the guy said 69 was difficult to...
  6. wewkissme

    I fúck yoú [ watch online / download 720p ]

    I fúck you Hidden content Enjoy lods samahan na ng pamunas para sa bawis :) ;) :p Kahit kunting salamat lang Po Masaya na ako:) ;) :p