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    Pinoy Movie Kasalo Tayo (2024) 720p | HD

    Download link. 720p HD | 1.3GB https://dupload.net/ovw2sp8gfkhk
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    Drama Stag (2024) 1080p | WEBRip | KRX18

    Watch/Download here. Watch/Stream here. 1080p WEBRip | 2.1GB https://dupload.net/zf90mqooop0w
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    The Young Like It Hot (1983) HD

    Genre: Adult, Comedy Threatened by automation, telephone operators at a small-town company turn to phone-sex. Watch/Download link. https://userscloud.com/uekrfnwap9rt
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    The Seductress (1981) HD

    Genre: Adult A sleazy photographer engages a hooker to seduce local politicians so he can secretly take pictures of them having sex to use as blackmail against them. Watch/Download link. https://userscloud.com/rd6949herjkz
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    Drama Foursome (2023) 1080p WEBRip | RSG

    Screenshots. Genre: Drama, Romance A married couple having troubles in bed, finding their sexual satisfaction outside their marriage. Watch/Download link. Watch/Stream here. 1080p WEBRip | 2.6GB https://uploadflix.org/f2coty2octdk https://send.cm/inf5tksyq8b8
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    Pinoy Movie [DIRECT LINK] Tuhog (2023) 4K | 1080p | 720p | WEB-DL | RSG x MOVIEHAB

    Screenshots. Genre: Drama, Romance " Vivamax Pantaxa Apple Dy is torn between Arron Villaflor and Joko Diaz. Abie mourns after the death of Michael. She finds solace from her supposedly soon-to-be father-in-law, Roldan, and starts falling for him. But when Michael returns, their...
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    Pinoy Movie [DIRECT LINK] Sila ay akin (2023) 4K | 1080p | 720p | WEB-DL | RSG

    Screenshots. Genre: Drama Vivamax Queens Angeli Khang and Azi Acosta topbill a sexy drama about a family challenged by poverty. Six people living under one roof face problems that could tear them apart. Amidst this turmoil, the women of the household remain steadfast to keep the...
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    Pinoy Movie [QIWI] Ahasss (2023) 4K | 1080p | 720p | WEB-DL | MOVIEHAB

    Genre: Erotic, Thriller Heavenly Crush Angela Morena with Janelle Tee and Gold Aceron show us how poisonous love can be. Jake, a young houseboy, falls for his boss' battered wife. As he helps her escape from her abusive husband, things get wild, messy, and bloody. Watch/Download link. Hidden...
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    Pinoy Movie [EP4] Halo-halo X (2023) 1080p WEB-DL | Season 1 | COMPLETE | RSG | MOVIEHAB

    Four stories rooted in love and lust tell the dangers of giving in to one's desires, as told in the eyes of people from different walks of life. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Kamadora (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | NO WATERMARK | MARCOSKPL

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Ica works as a sales lady in a department store. With her charm and sex appeal, she gets the attention of her boss. But unknown to everyone, a dark persona lies Underneath her beautiful face. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Bisyo! (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Home Service (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | Hardcoded English Subbed

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Vivamax hotties Hershie De Leon and Angelica Cervantes together in one sexy movie. A nursing student by day, massage therapist by night named Precious meets a client named Happy that leads her to the shady world of pornography. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie [COMPLETE] High (School) on Sex 2 (2023) SEASON 1 | 1080p WEBRip

    Genre: Comedy, Sexy Your favorite Pantaxa ladies bare it all in the newest edition of this high-rating sexu comedy series by GB Sampedro. New students, new school, new drama, new gossips, but more naughty and way more fun experiences. High school life has never been this wild! Watch/Download...
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    Drama Sound of the Sea (2001) 360p HDRip

    Genre: Drama, Romance A new literature teacher, Ulises, comes to a small town near the sea and falls in love with a young woman, Martina. This woman is loved by a rich businessman named Alberto but chooses Ulises. Soon after their marriage and the birth of their son, Ulises vanishes while...
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    Comedy Sexboat (1980) DVDRip

    Genre: Adult, Comedy Two guys, Laura's driver and Roscoe, sneak aboard an all girl cruise ship with 600 horny, mouth watering broads for six whole weeks, with not one dude aboard! The trip of a lifetime takes a twist when slave trading pirates hijack the ship, with only our two heroes to stop...
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    Pinoy Movie My Father, Myself (2022) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | NO WATERMARK

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama A lawyer is left to care for a massacre survivor, who happens to be the son of his former client. His wife and daughter welcome the boy as part of the family. But as the kids get older, the daughter confesses her love for the boy. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Maui Taylor

    Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Kabayo (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | NO WATERMARK | MUFFILMS

    Screenshot. Genre: Drana Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Pagnanasa (1998) 1080p + 720p WEBDL | NO WATERMARK | EZAY

    Screenshots Genre: Drama, Romance Rodel is a young salesman and Aleli is a young and innocent student. Aleli befriended a mature woman who is expert in love. The lady lured her to fantasize and to seek the love offered by men. Aleli dated Rodel who raping her. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Live Show 4 (2023) 720p WEBRip | YNF

    Hidden content
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    Drama Fall Guy (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | HC ENGSUB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama “Fall Guy” is a realistic portrayal of what goes on in the society where the rich use their power to get away with anything, while the wrongly accused poor souls suffer and struggle immensely to clear their name. Watch/Download link. Hidden content Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie AFAM (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | NO WATERMARK

    Screenshot. Genre: Comedy, Sexy Watch/Download link. Hidden content Hidden content
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    Pantaxa Laiya (TV Mini Series 2023) S01E02 | 1080p WEBRip | MOVIEHAB

    Genre: Reality-TV, Sexy Eight sexy ladies will make summer even hotter as they bare it all in this newest reality show. Join them as they undergo physical, mental, sensual and sexual challenges that would shape to be the next Vivamax stars. Directed by award-winning director Paul Alexei...
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    Pinoy Movie Balik-taya (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBDL | MARCOSKPAL

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Pip meets Jessy in Thailand. When she becomes missing, he looks for her. He then meets Kate, a woman from a gambling site owned by Nina. And he is one step closer to finding Jessy. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Domme (2023) 720p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Thriller A man spies on his neighbors because of the noises they create every night. But he discovers that they do wild erotic practices. As he interferes with their business, the more he gets involved in their lives and their mess. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Upuan (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | AQ PRIME | MOVIEHAB

    Screenshot. Genre: Sexy, Romance Christina and Nessie are childhood friends who fell in love with each other, but they drifted apart because Christina’s parents refused to accept her identity. After two years, the two were reunited. However, it was not the reunion they were hoping for...
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    Salamat Daks (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | NO WATERMARK

    Screenshot. Genre: Comedy, Sexy Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Suki (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | MOVIEHAB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama The star of Pamasahe Azi Acosta is back together with newbie hunk John Flores. A lady stripper and a gigolo promised each other that their work can't break them apart. But when lust and temptation come into the picture, they begin to question their vow...
  29. edzqwe

    Lagaslas (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | MOVIEHAB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama A wild and wet erotic drama thriller starring newest sexy actress Manang Medina. A young man named Edmar falls madly in love with Karisma, a barrio lass. Will he still love her if he finds out Karisma's deepest darkest secret? Watch/Download link. Hidden content...
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    Pinoy Movie Baka Sakali (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | AQ PRIME | RSG

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Seymour is interested in Faith until he meets Ferds in a beautiful waterfall resort. The two young men become good friends, and then lovers. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Boso Dos (2023) 720p HDRip | HEVC

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama An agent infiltrating a drug den. Things get chaotic when the gang leader falls madly in love with her. Will she be successful with her mission? Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Mang Kanor (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | MARCOSKPAL

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama This explores the story of the man behind the viral *******, Mang Kanor, and the events that led to his infamous reputation. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Bela Luna (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | HEVC | MARK

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Vivamax Queen Angeli Khang plays dual role in Ricky Lee's newest masterpiece directed by McArthur C. Alejandre. When Luna, a battered wife, and Bela, an empowered artist, meet for the first time, their hearts will be freed by the people and society that chain them...
  34. edzqwe

    Pinoy Movie Tag-init (2023) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | YODA

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama During his summer vacation, Martin meets two women that would let him explore his manhood Adele, the politician's kept woman and Nadine, the sexually-active Manila girl. Watch/Download link. Hidden content Hidden content
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    Pinoy Movie Nightbird (2023) 360p + 720p + 1080p WEBRip | HEVC | MARK

    Screenshot. Genre: Thriller In a party arranged by friends, Rachel meets four men. The night full of booze and drugs turns chaotic when the men sexually assault Rachel and her friends. Rachel vows to seek vengeance no matter what it takes. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
  36. edzqwe

    Torotot (2008) 1080p + 720p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama, Romance Torotot explores the story of two couples, why and how their marriages crumble and how their infidelity and passion brought them tragic endings. Leo and Marie are having marital problems because the woman is spending too much time with her pet dogs. This...
  37. edzqwe

    [NEW PNOY MOVIE] Bugso (2022) 1080p + 720p WEBRip | HC ENGSUB | YODA | MOVIEHAB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Dado and Estrella want to to start a family and forget their old work as sex workers. But when they meet Baby, their relationship turns shaky as Estrella finds out about Dado and Baby's affair. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
  38. edzqwe

    Pinoy Movie [Most Request Movie] Expensive Candy (2022) 1080p + 720p + 360p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama, Romance Candy is a sex worker. A poor teacher, Toto (Carlo Aquino), falls in love with her and she becomes his motivation to work hard. Watch/Download link. Hidden content Hidden content
  39. edzqwe

    Pinoy Movie An Affair to Forget (2022) 720p | 1080p WEBRip | HEVC

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama A wife seeks the help of a young woman to find out if her husband is having an affair. The plot thickens when the young woman falls for the husband instead. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
  40. edzqwe

    [NEW PNOY SERIES] Lovely Ladies Dormitory (2022) COMPELTE | 720p + 1080p WEBRip | Yoda

    Genre: Comedy, Romance Five modern women live together under one roof as they deal with their families, career, and men; and explore their colorful s3x lives. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Laruan (2022) 720p + 1080p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Thea, Rene's wife, always invites her other man, Geoff, over dinner for them to make out in the house. But when a new woman, Camille, enters the picture, Thea's wild and crazy game play changes. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Temptation of Aunt 3 (2020) HDRip

    Screenshot. Hidden content Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Bata Pa Si Sabel (2022) WEBRip

    Screenshot. Hidden content Genre: Thriller The married life of Sabel and Brian was cut short when three men assault her and kill Brian in their honeymoon. Surviving from the crime, she vows to let the culprits experience hell. Watch/Download link. Hidden contentHidden content
  44. edzqwe

    Us X Her (2022) WEBRip

    Screenshot. Hidden content Genre: Drama The queens of Vivamax AJ Raval and Angeli Khang in one hot and controversial movie. A young couple’s shaky marriage becomes more chaotic when an other woman comes into the picture. But what happens when the two women fall in love with each other...
  45. edzqwe

    Alapaap (2022) 360p | 720p | 1080p WEBRip | HEVC

    Screenshot. Genre: Thriller A group of friends go to a secluded town to do a short film project but when they take an addictive substance that promised to bring them to cloud nine, they get to experience hell instead. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
  46. edzqwe

    Showroom (2022) 480p | 720p | 1080p WEBRip | HEVC | MNP

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama Liezel, an ambitious agent, learns that her colleague, Susan, uses her body to sell condo units; so she imitates her scheme. When the tables turn, Liezel begins to face her punishments one by one. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Kara Krus (2022) 480p | 720p | 1080p WEBRip

    Screenshot. Genre: Thriller Adela, a married woman, suffers from split personality disorder. Her alter ego, Lena, is a promiscuous woman. Things turn chaotic when her alter ago killed someone. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School (1979) 720p Bluray

    Screenshot. Genre: Comedy Boarding school adventure. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
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    The Ages of Lulu (1990) 720p Bluray | ENGSUB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama The story of a young woman's descent into the kinky and dangerous sexual underground in Madrid. Watch/Download link. Hidden content
  50. edzqwe

    Selina's Gold (2022) 480p | 720p | 1080p WEBRip | HEVC | SOFT ENGSUB

    Screenshot. Genre: Drama, Sexy K-Krush Angeli Khang upped her acting performance in this masterpiece also starring Gold Aceron and Jay Manalo. Selina's father sells her to Tiago who makes her a sex slave. With the help of Domeng, Tiago's blind slave, she plans their way out of this living...