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    Pinoy Movie Mahal Ko Ang Mahal Mo 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.Eng.Sub.WEB-DL.x264.mp4 | ANGELICA HART

    Two women hurt by the same man form an alliance to catch their womanizer boyfriend in the act. But their unexpected bond leads to an unlikely romance between them. Director Aya Topacio Stars Angelica Hart Angeline Aril Van Allen Ong trailer:
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    Pinoy Movie Himas 2024 | 480p+720p+1080p+4k | VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.ENG.SUB.x264.mp4

    A wife to a blind ex-fireman, who’s unable to satisfy his wife’s physical needs due to his condition. A young man enters the picture and lures Dana to a sinful relationship to satisfy her sexual frustrations. Genre: Drama Director: Christian Paolo Lat Country: Philippines Duration: Quality: HD...
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    Pinoy Movie Serbidoras 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.x264.ENG.Sub | DENISE ESTEBAN

    Synopsis VMX Crush Denise Esteban leads equally alluring Aila Cruz and Chloe Jenna in this movie about three servers who are willing to do everything to find their perfect mate. They are always ready to serve! Directed by: Rey Gilbraltar Cast: Aila Cruz, Chad Alviar, Chloe Jenna, Denise...
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    Pinoy Movie Kulong 2024 | 480p+720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Vivamax beauties Jenn Rosa, Caris Manzano and Aica Veloso come together as friends who lock themselves in at a resort to write a sexy screenplay for a contest. But how can they write a sexy screenplay when none of them has had any S̀eꭙ for quite some time? trailer: screenshot: link...
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    Pinoy Movie Balinsasayaw 2024 | 720p+1080p.Eng.Sub.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264.mp4

    Two of the hottest Pantaxas, Aiko Garcia and Apple Dy, with Vivamax hunk Benz Sangalang, in their boldest roles yet. A rich woman marries a charming womanizer who conspires with his wife’s best friend. When all the revelations are exposed, the tables suddenly turn. Director: RODANTE Y. PAJEMNA...
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    Pinoy Movie Dirty Ice Cream 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.Eng.Sub.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264.mp4

    Mahilig ka ba sa dirty ice cream? Vivamax newest sexy movie 'DIRTY ICE CREAM' premieres exclusively on #Vivamax atin 'to! Starring: Yda Manzano, Christy Imperial, Jem Milton, Candy Veloso, Ghion Espinosa, Seonwoo Kim, and directed by Mervyn Brondial. trailer...
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    Pinoy Movie Lady Guard 2024 | 480+720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mp4

    Every week, warehouse security guard Estelle, turns a blind eye to the illegal gambling at the warehouse in exchange for financial and sexual favors. But when a younger and more beautiful new recruit, Meryl, arrives, will Estelle be able to keep her place as the lady guard? trailer...
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    Pinoy Movie Late BLOOMER 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.X264.mp4

    When Therese learns that her days are numbered, she seeks the help of her friend Maddie to find guys to have sex with, but she soon discovers her real sexual cravings. Starring: Robb Guinto Erika Balagtas Ardy Raymundo trailer: screenshot: link...
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    Pinoy Movie Red Flag 2024 | 4K+720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv- RSG

    Synopsis Despite warnings from friends and his reputation as a womanizer, heartbroken car sales agent Gina pursues a relationship with new colleague Red. Has he changed? Or are his sweet gestures and their hot nights together clouding her from seeing what he truly is – a red flag? Director...
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    Pinoy Movie Dayo 2024 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.VIVAMAX.H264.AAC2.0.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    FILM | DAYO 2024 Don't worry, be happy... Everyone here is DAYO! ;) Watch the latest Vivamax movie, 'DAYO'! Starring Rica Gonzales, Audrey Avila, Marco Gomez, Calvin Reyes, and Nathan Rojas. Directed by Sid T. Easter and written by Quinn Carrillo. Trailer...
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    Pinoy Movie Wanted: Girlfriend 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Watch the sexy Sheina Yu and the fiery Reina Castillo as they date a man who likes to have S̀eꭙ anytime and anywhere. See who can keep up with his strong sexual appetite and be his “girlfriend”. Country:Philippines Genre:Drama, Romance Year:2024 Director:Rember Gelera Stars:Reina Castillo...
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    Pinoy Movie Sweet RELEASE 2024 | 720p+1080P.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.X264.mp4 | ATASKA

    Ataska and Dyessa Garcia will take you to a hot and crazy roadtrip perfect for the summer season. Two girl bestfriends and a young man take on a a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, their bond deepens as they explore their sexual desires. Country: Philippines Genre: Drama Year:2024...
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    Pinoy Movie Stag 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mp4 | DENISE ESTEBAN

    You are invited to the WILDEST, HOTTEST, and MOST INTENSE STAG PARTY here at Vivamax! Watch Vivamax Newest Original film, 'STAG'. Starring Denise Esteban, Arah Alonzo, Gold Aceron, Aerol Carmelo, Yda Manzano, Allan Paule, and Jaime Fabregas. Directed by Jon Red! trailer...
  14. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Cheaters 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mp4

    Two strangers meet and have strong sexual connection with each other, only to find out that they're both in relationship with others. How can they sustain a relationship that started with S̀eꭙ and cheating? Director Dustin Celestino Stars Angeline Aril Aerol Carmelo Kara Fernandez...
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    Pinoy Movie TL 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    Meet BRENDA! Ang top call center agent sa Vivamax! the newest Vivamax Original Film 'TL'! Starring VMX Crush Jenn Rosa, Nico Locco, Armani Hector, Irish Tan, Jonica Lazo, Manu Respall. Directed by Jay Castillo trailer: screenshot: link...
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    Pinoy Movie Kasalo 2024 | 720p+1080p.Eng.Sub.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.H264.AAC.2.0.mp4

    KAYA KANG SABAYAN PERO MAS KAYA KANG SAKYAN! Vivamax Original film, 'KASALO'. Starring Vern Kaye, Albie Casiño, Mia Cruz, and Rash Flores. Directed by HF Yambao. World Premiere this MARCH 26 only on Vivamax! trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX -...
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    Pinoy Movie Rita 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    Rita, who finds herself alone when husband Ariel works abroad. They both find solace and sexual satisfaction in other people. When Ariel comes back, they both act like nothing happened. But will this keep their marriage from falling apart? Country:Philippines Genre:Drama, Vivamax Archive...
  18. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Mapanukso 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    Story about a group of five macho dancers navigating their own lives and the women who would do anything to keep them by their side. Starring: Ataska Mercado Sean de Guzman Rica Gonzales Director: Jose Abdel Langit trailer...
  19. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Kalikot 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Sal, a hot single professor, moves across an auto service shop and rocks the world of young repairman Arnel. Ever since Sal came over to get her car fixed, Arnel’s skilled hands have always been busy. But can he still fix the problems that come with it? Country:Philippines Genre:Drama, Romance...
  20. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Kapalit 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.H264.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    the Newest Vivamax Original Film, 'KAPALIT'. Starring Vivamax VMX Crush Cess Garcia, VMX Crush Rica Gonzales, Matt Francisco, Chad Alviar and more! Directed by Carlo Alvarez. trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX - 720p TERABOX - 1080P if it...
  21. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Kabit 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ANGELA MORENA

    Starring VMX Heavenly Crush Angela Morena, Dyessa Garcia, Josef Elizalde, and Victor Relosa. A film by Lawrence Fajardo. trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX - 720p TERABOX - 1080P if it doesn't work, try changing the word "terabox" link to...
  22. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Salisihan 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.Eng.Sub.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264.mp4

    Kaya bang pigilan ng init ng katawan 'pag nagsama na sila sa iisang bahay? Panoorin na ang newest Vivamax movie, "SALISIHAN"! Starring Zsara Laxamana, Amabella De Leon, Chester Grecia, and Ralph Christian Engle! Directed by Iar Arondaing. trailer:
  23. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Salitan 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ANGELICA HART

    "SALITAN" ay creative produced ni Cult Director Roman Perez Jr. na pagbibidahan nina Matt Francisco, Angelica Hart, Nico Locco at Vern Alvarez sa direksyon ni Multi- Talented Director Bobby Bonifacio Jr. na mapapanood na ngayong February 16 exclusively on Vivamax. trailer...
  24. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Katas 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Carmina works as a maid in a mansion and soon learns about the dirty secret of their masters, Alex and Grace. Native Title: Katas Also Known As: Screenwriter & Director: Roe Pajemna Genres: Thriller, Drama trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX -...
  25. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Takas 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264.mp4 | ENG.SUB

    'TAKAS'! Starring VMX Crush Audrey Avila, VMX Crush Cess Garcia, Mon Mendoza and Rome Guinto. Directed by Roman Perez, Jr., DGPI. trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX - 720P TERABOX - 1080P if it doesn't work, try changing the word "terabox" link...
  26. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Salawahan 2024 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ANGELI KHANG

    HINDI KULANG PERO SOSOBRA! Bagong taon, bagong aabangan kasama ang QUEEN OF VIVAMAX, ANGELI KHANG sa 'SALAWAHAN'! Starring #AngeliKhang #AlbieCasino #VanAllenOng #ShielaSnow and #ItanRosales Written by Raquel Villavicencio Directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo. TRAILER...
  27. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Dilig 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG SUB

    Summary About to get married to an old, wealthy businessman, Resa enlists the help of gardener Otso to seduce her fiancé’s daughter, Katelyn, and record his sexploits with her in order to get her disowned. trailer: screenshot; link: TERABOX -...
  28. kratos1012

    Documentary Seksi Pantasya At Pelikula 2024 | 720p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264-Nowshowing

    Vivamax and Probe Archives present a documentary on the rise and fall and recent return of sexy movies in Philippine cinema. Featuring interviews from the sexy movie icons of the past and the rising sexy stars of the present. Country:Philippines Genre:Documentary Year:2024 trailer...
  29. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Pantasya Ni Tami 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB | AZI ACOSTA

    the Newest Vivamax Original Film, 'PANTASYA NI TAMI'! Starring Vivamax A-lister Azi Acosta, Jiad Arroyo, Ali Asistio, Erika Balagtas, Shiena Yu, Zia Zamora, Sherly Fuentes, PJ Abellana and more. Directed by Topel Lee and Easy Ferrer TRAILER: screenshot: link: TERABOX - 720P TERABOX -...
  30. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Palipat-Lipat Papalit-Palit 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Watch the Movie of "PALIPAT-LIPAT, PAPALIT-PALIT" starring VMX CRUSH, =AZU52yQyMEwlpAb7uGJSY-GLe9UdttnXgecczr9UwuIUGXrD9hj4MfFkT_Q_YyPeOzwVh5xSoKnlhEdZmOksVTPkwQCLwGCa7v6It_KQazsgOlevBUVPc_VlKTaDwY1z2sabU8VFXQvvT78y1KUGBjwvS_DatH9Bl6LKDlLaGfEtOfHUoD7KVYIuOP-GUXM_mNw&tn=*NK-R']#DeniseEsteban VMX...
  31. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Room Service 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

  32. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Gamitan 2002 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.ENG.SUB.AAC.x264.mkv- DIGITALLY ENHANCED | MAUI TAYLOR

    A young student has a crush on a senior basketball player; he asks her out on a dinner date only to win a bet with his friends. The girl, devastated by this decides to avenge the humiliation. Release date: August 21, 2002 (Philippines) Director: Quark Henares trailer:
  33. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Karinyo Brutal 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv | ENG.SUB

    LASAPIN ang MATINDING KARINYO ni Apple Dy! Ang newest Vivamax movie, "KARINYO BRUTAL"! Starring Apple Dy, Armani Hector, Benz Sangalang, Ghion Espinosa, Manang Media, and more! Directed by Joey Reyes. trailer: screenshot: link: TERABOX 720p...
  34. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Bedspacer 2024 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv| ENG.SUB

    May space pa ba sa kama nila? Vivamax Original film 'BEDSPACER' Starring Christine Bermas, Micaella Raz, Aria Bench, Aila Cruz, JD Aguas, Matt Francisco, and Rash Flores. TRAILER: screenshot: link: DLUPLOAD 720p 1080p TERABOX if it doesn't...
  35. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Hibang 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.ENG.SUB.AAC.x264.mkv | VIVAMAX

    Ready ka na bang kiligin? Para sa mga fan ng gl movies, bisexual, lesbian at mga ally ito ang GL movie na para sa inyo. Sina Rica Gonzales Sahara Bernales para sa pinakabagong pelikulang "HIBANG" sa direksyon ni Sigrid Polon mapapanood na sa Vivamax ngayong December 29 na! TRAILER...
  36. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Higop 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv-VIVAMAX | ENG.SUB

    A dancer and her customer’s life collide when they meet outside of the club and the dancer’s life begins to unravel. Topel Lee‘s Higop (2023) movie by Vivamax. Stars Angelica Hart, Josef Elizalde, Lester Llangsang, Zsara Laxamana, and Fabio Ide. trailer...
  37. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Haslers 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC.x264.mkv-VIVAMAX

    'HASLERS' starring Quinn Carrillo, Denise Esteban, Hershie De leon, Angelica Cervantes, Marco Gomez and Calvin Reyes Also starring Aj Oteyza, Elmo Elarmo Jr, Marcus Madrigal and Jason Evans Directed by Jose Abdel Langit Available for streaming starting December 8 only on Vivamax Philippines...
  38. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie ARARO S01E04 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv

    Siya ang mitsa ng lahat ng GALIT at PAGHIHIGANTI! Si ROBB GUINTO sa Vivamax Newest Four-Part Series, ‘ARARO’. Starring Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Robb Guinto, Arah Alonzo, Dyessa Garcia, Cess Garcia, Jenn Rosa, Vern Kaye, Matt Francisco, with Mr. Ronnie Lazaro in a very special role! From the...
  39. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie ARARO S01E03 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv

    Siya ang mitsa ng lahat ng GALIT at PAGHIHIGANTI! Si ROBB GUINTO sa Vivamax Newest Four-Part Series, ‘ARARO’. Starring Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Robb Guinto, Arah Alonzo, Dyessa Garcia, Cess Garcia, Jenn Rosa, Vern Kaye, Matt Francisco, with Mr. Ronnie Lazaro in a very special role! From the...
  40. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Swing 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.HEVC.mkv- BONE|PMH | Jane oineza | Rk bagatsing

    A married couple struggling to have a child of their own. Out of frustration, Kevin turns to different women to satisfy his sexual desires which Pam eventually finds out. But instead of splitting up, the two move to Switzerland and agree to have an open-marriage arrangement, resulting in Pam...
  41. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Ganti-Ganti 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv | Angeli Khang

    Sa mundong puno ng mga makasalanan, hindi ka mabubuhay kung 'di ka gaganti! Watch the newest Vivamax Original Film, 'GANTI-GANTI'. Starring Vivamax K-Crush Angeli Khang, Vivamax Crush Yen Durano, Sean De Guzman, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Chad Solano. Directed by McArthur C. Alejandre and...
  42. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie ARARO S01E02 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv

    Siya ang mitsa ng lahat ng GALIT at PAGHIHIGANTI! Si ROBB GUINTO sa Vivamax Newest Four-Part Series, ‘ARARO’. Starring Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Robb Guinto, Arah Alonzo, Dyessa Garcia, Cess Garcia, Jenn Rosa, Vern Kaye, Matt Francisco, with Mr. Ronnie Lazaro in a very special role! From the...
  43. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Sugar Baby 2023 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.AAC.x264-RSG | AZI ACOSTA

    MAS MATAMIS PA SA PINAPANGARAP MO! Azi Acosta is your one and only ‘SUGAR BABY’! Watch the newest Vivamax Original Film starring #AziAcosta and #RobbGuinto together with Mon Mendoza, Josef Elizalde, Jeffrey Hidalgo and Zsara Tiblani. Directed by Christian Paulo Lat trailer...
  44. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie ARARO S01E01 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv

    Siya ang mitsa ng lahat ng GALIT at PAGHIHIGANTI! Si ROBB GUINTO sa Vivamax Newest Four-Part Series, ‘ARARO’. Starring Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Robb Guinto, Arah Alonzo, Dyessa Garcia, Cess Garcia, Jenn Rosa, Vern Kaye, Matt Francisco, with Mr. Ronnie Lazaro in a very special role! From the...
  45. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Salakab 2023 | 720p+1080p.VIVAMAX.WEB-DL.x264.mp4 | ANGELI KHANG

    Ano ang kaya mong gawin para makasama si ANGELI KHANG!? The newest Original Movie 'SALAKAB'. Starring Vivamax Queen Angeli Khang, Benz Sangalang, Jomari Angeles, Sahara Bernales, Gilleth Sandico, Horace Mendoza. From the twisted mind of Vivamax Cult Director Roman S. Perez, Jr. Trailer...
  46. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie JAPINO 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.VMAX.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Are you ready for an UMAMI taste of Vivamax this November? Watch Brillante Ma Mendoza's newest Vivamax Original Film, 'JAPINO'. Starring VMX Heavenly Crush Angela Morena, VMX Crush Denise Esteban, Vince Rillon, Ali Asistio, Lara Morena, Takuhei Kaneko and Tora Hara. Directed by Freidric...
  47. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie TUHOG 2023 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.Vivamax.ESUB.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv | NO WATERMARK

    Paano kung sa pag balik mo ay hindi na ikaw ang kaniyang ninanais? latest Vivamax Original film 'TUHOG'. Starring Apple Dy, Arron Villaflor, and Joko Diaz. A film by GB Sampedro. #Tuhog #AppleDy #ArronVillaflor #JokoDiaz trailer: Screenshot: Link: if it doesn't...
  48. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Halo-Halo X S01E01-04 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv | ENG.SUB | COMPLETED

    Four stories rooted in love and lust tell the dangers of giving in to one's desires, as told in the eyes of people from different walks of life. Trailer: Link: Hidden contentHidden content
  49. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Halo-Halo.X.S01E04.Grade.Se.2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-VIVAMAX.mkv | ENG.SUB

    Four stories rooted in love and lust tell the dangers of giving in to one's desires, as told in the eyes of people from different walks of life. Screens: Link: Hidden contentHidden content
  50. kratos1012

    Pinoy Movie Sila Ay Akin 2023 | 720p+1080p.WEB-DL.ENG.SUB-VIVAMAX.mkv | ANGELI KHANG | AZI ACOSTA

    Ang dalawang REYNA ng Vivamax, #AngeliKhang and #AziAcosta sa #SilaAyAkin A story by Ricky Lee Directed by McArthur C. Alejandre. Trailer: screenshot: Link: if it doesn't work, try changing the word "terabox" link to "4funbox" or just use a vpn 720p 1080p...