1. bluedemon14

    Blackmailed and Molested By An Old Dude (English Sub)

    Nagkataon na makahanap ka ng babaeng kilala mo na at iniwang hubad sa tagong lugar na walang malay... ano ang gagawin mo? "Wala akong choice kundi ipasok si junior..." Isang babaeng iniwang hubad ng mga kainuman, kung hindi magpapagamit ng katawan, ipagkakalat ang mga larawang hubad. Download...
  2. bluedemon14

    Too Much Love Of A Mother For Her Son (English Sub)

    Si Yui na nabalo na sa kanyang asawa at nagpalaki ng kanyang anak na mag-isa. Isang araw, isang lalaking kaibigan na dinala ng aking anak ang tumikim ng aking alindog. Si Yui ang desperadong lumaban, ngunit sa katunayan ay nag-react ang kanyang katawan at nagustuhan. Ang pinto ng ipinagbabawal...
  3. bluedemon14

    My Older Sister Let Me Breastfeed And Continue Sucking Her Body (English Sub)

    Sa ikalawang taon ko sa kolehiyo, malaya akong naninirahan sa bahay ng aking mga magulang, ngunit... ang aking kapatid na babae, na umalis ng bahay pagkatapos magpakasal, ay bumalik upang palakihin ang kanyang mga anak. Malapit nang mawalan ng kontrol ang libido ko sa katawan ni ate na naging...
  4. bluedemon14

    The Fruit Is Swelling (English Sub)

    An 8-year-old girl named Peach makes a wish and wakes up to find herself transformed into an 18-year-old woman. Download Link (723.110 MB): File Password: neversaynever Thanks! Enjoy! ;)
  5. bluedemon14

    True Story Of Woman Condemned In Prison (English Sub)

    A woman who was gang raped is sent to prison after taking revenge on some of her rapists. Their, she witnesses firsthand the corruption and abuse the inmates go through, but her revenge is not over yet. Download Link (674.301 MB): File Password...
  6. bluedemon14

    Sudden Heavy Rain Revealed My Big Front (English Sub)

    Si Mr. Kamiki ay tahimik at tahimik sa kumpanya. Isang kasamahan na nakilala sa isang mabangis na tulak mula sa kanya. Ang lalaki ay isang birhen at palaging nasasabik sa kanya sa unang pagkakataon sa kanyang buhay. Isang araw, habang nakikipag-date ako, naabutan ako ng malakas na ulan, at...
  7. bluedemon14

    As Long As There Is Wine There Is A Plan (English Sub)

    Si Tsubaki, isang bagong empleyado na maganda, cool at mahusay sa trabaho, ay hindi natakot na makipag-usap sa direktor. Isang araw, nang magising si Tsubaki, na lasing sa isang business trip, dinilaan ng direktor ang kanyang katawan. Kinunan ng litrato ang katawan ni Tsubaki at nahawakan ang...
  8. bluedemon14

    I Had An Affair With My Voluptuous Mother-In-Law (English Sub)

    Dapat sana ay hot spring trip na walang pamilya, ngunit sinamantala niya ito at nakiusap na gumawa ng anak sa kanyang asawa. Gayunpaman, ang aking asawa ay hindi interesado sa paggawa ng mga anak at tumanggi kahit na imbitahan ko siya. Nang tumungo ako sa mainit na bukal upang kahit papaano ay...
  9. bluedemon14

    The Beautiful Woman Next Door (English Sub)

    A mediocre married woman Ayaka. The wife next door, who is close to me, is about to give birth and is hospitalized. My husband will be alone for a while, but in fact he brought the woman home to the good of his absence. Ayaka who has seen it. I asked my husband to reflect on it, but I didn't...
  10. bluedemon14

    Frustration Of My Son's Wife (English Sub)

    It has been several years since my wife died and I lived with my son and his wife. Recently, I couldn't help but worry about my son's wife. Her clothes are too defenseless, and her gestures are as if she were inviting her. And I was running with my son at night, and my patience was near the...
  11. bluedemon14

    The Best Barber Shop In Town (English Sub)

    Somewhere in this murderous society, there is a rumored barber shop that even the lower ones can refresh. The rumored 1000 yen cut that I visited again. Nee in the mask is serving customers ... I asked a person with plain glasses today. "Can you give me a little more?" Nee in glasses was ashamed...
  12. bluedemon14

    Dobadoba Sperm Drooling (English Sub)

    This shop, this lady jackpot! Demon repeat! Extremely erotic image club with the best service and outstandingly cute Rei Kamiki! Moreover, you can enjoy each of the 6 cosplays! Puff-puff service SP with a natural marshmallow G cup. We will deliver highly addictive esthetic play with nurses...
  13. Mamamooooo

    Sssshhh (2023) | S01-EP01 | 1080p WEB-DL | w/ English Subtitle - MARK

    No Watermark Link: Hidden content
  14. bluedemon14

    I Pounced On My Voluptuous, Big Tits Stepdaughter (English Sub)

    "Three years after remarriage with him ... I was waiting for you to become a female body." My father-in-law, who I trusted in the three days when my mother left home, suddenly changed suddenly. Pickled Kimeseku using an aphrodisiac for one flower of my daughter-in-law. Sleeping assault vaginal...
  15. bluedemon14

    Come, Follow Me If You Wanted This (English Sub)

    OL, Nene who moved to the opposite room. When she was attracted to her beauty and peeped, she made a temptation through the window and showed her affair with her boyfriend. Pretending to be defenseless and seducing me "I know. I'm watching all the time." A neat older woman and a virginity loss...
  16. bluedemon14

    Jcup Huge Breasts Like Takamine's Flower (English Sub)

    Jcup huge breasts that are beautiful and everyone will see. Like Takamine's flower, she was actually a bright, family-friendly, homely woman. Natsu Hanabuchi, who debuts from E-BODY this time, is the eldest daughter of a family of eight! She loves the whole family, not only taking care of her...
  17. bluedemon14

    They Will Leave You Dry After Sucking Your Soul (English Sub)

    Ichika Matsumoto and Asuka Momose, succubus school girls who extract sperm and soul. The two seduce a man with a lesbian kiss and make him erection. There is no doubt that continuous ejaculation will be done with a skillful tag technique that will not let you breathe. Shake semen and saliva with...
  18. bluedemon14

    I Want My Childhood Friend To See This (English Sub)

    The one who loses to rock-paper-scissors listens. I was ordered to take off my clothes and did what I said. The other party's line of sight concentrates on the dick and it makes me feel a little sick. The erection is pulsing. "Something is wrong," said the two of them in the bath. I want to not...
  19. bluedemon14

    I Love Going To School And Have Fun With my Schoolmates (English Sub)

    "Always sexual intercourse" girl ○ student who recorded a long-selling in Amaz ● n, sequel appeared! Wearing a summer sailor suit, I'm working hard to have sex for the success of the school festival! While being pistoned at high speed by the raw ○ Po, decide the class offering at the class...
  20. bluedemon14

    Don't Bully My Little Bro, Instead Take My Body (English Sub)

    Since my husband went on a business trip, I have been spending more time with my husband's younger brother, Daisuke Kun, and I loved him like a son. One day, I witnessed Daisuke Kun being bullied by his bad classmates. I immediately reported it to the school and was relieved that I was...
  21. bluedemon14

    This Devilish Little Sister Will Make Your Daydream Fantasies Cum True (English Sub)

    I want a cute little sister! I want to XX! Dedicated to older brothers all over Japan ... Sister Moe de Iron Plate Erotic Situation AV! I have completely reproduced and visualized the naughty delusion that I absolutely imagine. "I was so cute, my sister ..." The body of my sister, who should be...
  22. bluedemon14

    The Married Woman with Part-time Job (English Sub)

    Yuka, who was married for three years, had lost her night life because her husband was busy and passed each other. One day, while returning home from a part-time job, a sudden heavy rain stops transportation, and Yuka returns to her part-time job soaking wet and is alone with part-time student...
  23. bluedemon14

    Vaginal Cum Shot Everyday By a Gangster (English Sub)

    The encounter with that man was triggered by taking over my brother's debt. The man liked me at a glance and urged me to become my woman. Forcibly committing me who keeps refusing ... I have been embraced without fail for a day from that day. Download Link (649.344 MB)...
  24. bluedemon14

    I Could Never Forget How It Felt To Kiss My Stepfather (English Sub)

    Do you have sex with your husband once every three months? It was also obligatory and boring sex. I was known by my father-in-law who lived with me in my heart, and at one point I was raped. I can't forget my father-in-law's hot and rich kiss, and after that day I hid my husband and continued to...
  25. bluedemon14

    Lustful On Bed Until Morning (English Sub)

    Momo Sakurazora is the best woman...everything is beautiful...she attracts men all over the world...I don't need words...just look at it , you will understand. Just one night is fine. (1) [Dad Activity] Passionate sex that will make you lose weight (2) [Best friend's boyfriend] Burning cuckold...
  26. bluedemon14

    The Cage Of A Stepmother And Daughters (English Sub)

    Original Doujin Circle Yojohan Shobo Mother and Daughter Cage ~The Beginning of Hell Download Link (1.048 GB): File Password: neversaynever Thanks! Enjoy! ;)
  27. Piol

    Overflow Season 1 ENGLISH SUB.

    SUMMARIES Kazushi Sudou is a university student who is visited by his two childhood friends, the sisters Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa. When Ayane discovers that Kazushi not only forgot to buy her pudding but is also using her special lotion in the bath, she decides to take revenge and join...
  28. Piol

    Redo of Healer English Sub. ( uncensored ) FULL EPISODE

    "Healing magicians cannot fight alone." Keyaru, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others. But one day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that...
  29. bluedemon14

    My Mother In law Wanted To Get Pregnant Like My Wife (English Sub)

    Mayu, who lives with her daughter and her husband, was in agony. Because I had heard the sound of my daughter's couple's activities. It's good that my daughter and her husband are on good terms, but it was poisonous at midnight when I slept alone. Mayu, who woke up at night, witnessed the...
  30. bluedemon14

    My Hubby's Lil Brother Wanted To Taste My Body (English Sub)

    In the house where Mari and her husband Yoichi live, her husband's younger brother Shinji will be present to attend the bar examination prep school. One day, when Mari enters Shinji's room for cleaning, she discovers her lost underwear through a gap in the bed ... Download Link (469.819 MB)...
  31. bluedemon14

    Shsss.. I Will Take Care Of This Dingdong (English Sub)

    The second installment of the older favorite girl's eccentric drama sent by Director Akinori! To the older Ojisan, "I want to eat your cock ..." "Oji-san's SEX is bad manure" "What are you doing?" The words are cold, but there are many lines with love. You may fall in love with the appearance of...
  32. bluedemon14

    My Beautiful GF Got Drunk And Took Advantage By Big Boy (English Sub)

    Koharu and Yusuke have been dating for two years. Yusuke, who likes each other and lives together, is crunchy and unreliable, but Kokoroharu feels happy as it is. Yusuke is dissatisfied with Kunio's senior at Yusuke's school, who recently put on something and put out a little bit in his heart...
  33. bluedemon14

    Overnight Adultery Trip (English Sub)

    She Was So Horny For Creampies I Blew My Load Ten Times On This Overnight Adultery Trip Download Link (493.158 MB): File Password: neversaynever Thanks! Enjoy! ;)
  34. bluedemon14

    My Sweaty Housewife (English Sub)

    While working as a hired manager of the housing complex, at my house where I am working part-time as a male prostitute who handles the sexual desire of married women who are dissatisfied with sexual intercourse with my husband, I tempted with no bra and vagina with man juice A wet married woman...
  35. bluedemon14

    The Wife Of My Friend Shakes Her Hips Infront Of Me (English Sub)

    Yoshimi, a wife who is addicted to the dance of the Korean idol "Pe Dijanson", which is popular among housewives, and is practicing dance with her housewife friend Ayumi. "I want my husband to see me as a woman again ..." Ayumi and Yoshimi were practicing a dance with beautiful legs while...
  36. bluedemon14

    Beautiful Cosplayer In Action (English Sub)

    Finally lifted! A complete cosplay work that suits Koharu Suzuki too much! Rich SEX that matches various characters with 6 costumes that you can fully enjoy your boobs. Subjective fucking that is sandwiched using beautiful big tits, pleasure electric masturbation and piston sexual intercourse...
  37. bluedemon14

    Robbing Curiosity (English Sub)

    This work, which faithfully reproduces the contents of the original that set sales records on numerous e-books and mobile sites such as FANZA, is a captive of pleasure when Ami (Mayu Nozomi), a school girl who likes books, is robbed of her virginity by her uncle. It is a shocking work that you...
  38. bluedemon14

    The Intruder's Lust (English Sub)

    It was long ... Strong ● Injured, Strong ● I entered the musho for 10 years for obscene crimes. And today, it was sunny and my sentence expired and I was released. When I was little, I was being abused by my real mother, and I completely agitated my propensity. My first experience was when I was...
  39. bluedemon14

    My Mother-in-law is Much Better Than My Wife (English Sub)

    My wife's mother came to Tokyo from the countryside. My mother-in-law, who I met for the first time in a long time, was as beautiful as ever and I was fascinated. That night, he invites his wife, who has drunk a little too much, to work while taking care of her, but she refuses. However, the...
  40. bluedemon14

    Revenge On That Woman Who Bullied Me When I Was A Student (English Sub)

    This arrogant, high-paying girl used to bully me when I was a student. I'll rape that woman who looks down on people other than myself and make her my bastard. Download Link (378.058 MB): File Password: neversaynever Thanks! Enjoy! ;)
  41. bluedemon14

    Blackmail, To Get Even More (English Sub)

    "If you don't want to get pregnant with a vaginal cum shot, call your mom friend here!" Unequaled boys break into the house of a beautiful busty young wife and commit! When it seems to be alive, I will call other mom friends as a condition to avoid vaginal cum shot, and I will continue to fuck...
  42. bluedemon14

    Nursing My Husband's Grandfather (English Sub)

    Shozo Murai, Saka's husband's grandfather 70 years old. Even now, she is energetic, unequaled, and has an unusually strong libido. Since my wife's predecessor five years ago, every day I lose my sexual desire outlet and agonize myself. A plan to play a weak old man and draw sympathy to make his...
  43. bluedemon14

    My Secret Revealed, Now He Know That I Am A Woman (English Sub)

    Born into a woman and having a strong complex of her own gender, Takamiya chose to live as a man. On the other hand, contrary to his determination, his body ironically increases his femininity. Meanwhile, I happened to meet Takeda, my childhood friend, at work. A flower blooms in the memory...
  44. bluedemon14

    The Horny Miss Libriarian (English Sub)

    "I get excited when I smell the ink." "Rino", who works as a librarian, had a strange habit. With a constitution that makes me unusually excited by the unique smell of ink, it was my daily routine to satisfy my desires alone while being surrounded by books in the library at midnight. Even if...
  45. bluedemon14

    My Friend's Lovely Wife (English Sub)

    Nana was married to her college classmate Takashi and had a happy life. Although she lives in a company house, she is comfortable and the presence of her husband's best friend, Ryuichi, who lives next door, was also reliable for Nana. One day, the news of the alumni association arrives from the...
  46. bluedemon14

    My Friend's Mother (English Sub)

    Natsuki, a married woman who married a man with a child and became a mother at a young age. I lived without any inconvenience and was happily embraced by my husband almost every day. However, when my husband went on a business trip and felt a little lonely and masturbated, his son's friend who...
  47. bluedemon14

    Bar Girls With Dirty Customer Service (English Sub)

    This is good! I wish I could do it! Harlem girls bar with big ass beautiful girls! Dirty customer service while shaking the four ass! "About us ... Nominate, right?" Competing blowjob, stakeout cowgirl, harem bunny ass job, after vaginal cum shot up to 5P! The butt is amazing and the playing...
  48. bluedemon14

    Shoplifting Wife Caught and Paid With Her Body (English Sub)

    Money was not a problem at all. My husband is an economist and recently expanded his field of activity to television, and I played the role of a 'devoted wife' who supports his busy husband. But I'm tired. For me, shoplifting was an outlet for stress relief. I can't forget that thrill and...
  49. bluedemon14

    The Lustful Hospital (English Sub)

    "This hospital is crazy!" Osaki, a doctor, puts nurses on his poisonous fangs one after another and makes them his own. He plans to incite the jealousy of Nankai (Henan), which he has already made into his own woman, and to poison Akemi (Mitani) and Kanna (Jingu-ji). Download Link (464.939 MB)...
  50. bluedemon14

    The Key 1983 (English Sub)

    1940s Venice. As fascism makes its presence felt, the retired art critic, Professor Nino Rolfe, and his much younger wife, Teresa, feel their passion is waning. To help Teresa shed her inhibitions and rekindle their relationship, the grizzled intellectual has a wild idea: he lets his imagination...